Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Since May...

I can see that I'm going to get no rest from my grumbling followers until I post some new pics, so we're going to go way back into the archives here to catch ourselves up.

We went to Houston in May, I think...

It was great to see Jake and Mindy and fam. We visited the Houston Children's Museum, which was well worth it.

We painted faces,

played in the make-believe city, where Edy checked the vital signs of numerous wounded and ill stuffed animals,

Hattie and Jax navigated the perilous roads of Tot-Land,

And in true Smith-fashion, we brough our own lunch and ate it right outside the museum. Take that, expensive sub-par museum food!

Also in May, to finish out the year in the HIPPY program, all the kiddos were rewarded with a train ride...

and graduation, where Edy showed off her multi-tasking skills. She can both accept a diploma and pick her nose.

We spent a very hot Memorial Day at Devil's Den with much of the Smith-clan,

and attended birthday parties. Here, Hattie was apparently playing the role of the Sad Clown. (Perhaps she had a premonition because it was at this very party that she contracted Hand, Food and Mouth Disease...)

which she then passed on to Jagger and Jax who had come to visit us in mid-June. :( So, so sorry, Mindy!!

But, heck, they had a good time while they were at it!

And finally, this is was happens when the girls disappear into my closet and it gets very, very quiet for a while.

Until next time (which will probably be a long time), adios!