Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Monday Grumpies

The combination of molars jamming their way through her gums, plus a runny nose, plus a general dislike for waking up from naps caused Edy to be in a rather foul mood most of Monday. Thankfully, God gave me a maternal instict that shouted, "Put a tutu on that girl!"

Sure enough, it saved the day. That God is a genius!

Monday, January 4, 2010


We had a great Christmas- getting to spend time with all of Josh's family and some of mine. Notice the "some." There are plans afoot to reunite ALL of the Smith clan for Christmas 2010. And, now that it is on the internet and therefore irrevocable, I will see you Noah, Audrey, Abel, Jake, Mindy, Jagger, Caleb, Luke and Caitlan next Christmas.

Edy received much wonderful loot, including, but not limited to: A stuffed monkey which she adored when she saw it at Old Navy but, now that it belongs to her, only tolerates its presence.

A $1 horse from Dollar General that she plays with much more often than the expensive monkey.

And possibly the most adorable toy ever made: A stuffed Mister/Misses Potato Head made by her Auntie Audrey.

We also had our first white Christmas in forever.

Edy was not impressed.

And lastly, because it is beautiful and I love to brag on my hubby, a photo of the bench Josh made to go with the harvest table he made me for our anniversary.

You should come by and sit on it.