Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday was a big one for Hattie and I. She turned one, and I celebrated the last year of my 2nd decade. (Sheesh, that sounds old.)

We had our usual waffles and homemade party hats- in honor of my childhood. My mom always made my brothers and I a birthday hat when we were growing up. And since fairness is of utmost importance when you're a kid, she would go ahead and make everyone else one too.

Edy wore hers almost nonstop. And, I just noticed, she had an obnoxious look on her face in nearly every picture I took. These "yes, we're having a birthday party, but, no, it's not for you" days have been hard for her.

Just in case it was for her, she erred on the side of being overly helpful when opening gifts.

Hattie took making her first wish very seriously.

And she made the sweetest little elephant noises every time she looked at her card from JuJu.

And I don't have any pictures to document the occasion, but my fantastic husband, in an extreme case of amazingness, successfully organized a surprise birthday party for me last night with several of my friends. They even all pitched in to buy me the most fantastically wonderful Kitchenaid Mixer ever.

(Have I said this before?) I am so blessed.