Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend at the Morris'

Since we are about to leave on vacation to Florida and the Bahamas (!) in a few days, you can be sure that posts from me are going to be few and far between over the next month. So, in between the packing frenzy, I am squeezing in time to share pictures from our lovely weekend with Josh's family.

We stayed with Josh's step-brother Jesse, his wife Liberty, and their family in their beautiful new home in Jasper.

It was a great time. We enjoyed Jesse's delicious fajitas, took walks, took naps, and caught up. And, to my delight, the dirt road leading to their house was right across the street from the once-famous amusement park "Dog Patch." Ah, memories.

Edy had the time of her life. They had a four-wheeler (her favorite!), their own personal pond for throwing rocks into (also her favorite!) and...

a three-week-old fawn to pet and feed! Heaven on Earth!

Josh and Pat (and Hattie) played and played and played and sang and sang and sang. Endlessly.

Hattie worked on her crawling, which she is now quite good at it, and all without using her knees. It's very impressive.

Outside on the porch. Just minutes before Libery took an ill-fated jog down the road that resulted in a trip to the ER and seven stitches.

And after. Notice the bandage.

Hattie spent a lot of time topless. It was very hot.

And just for cuteness.

Have a great July. See you in several weeks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camping in June

The Hall family camping trip has become a once-annual event that reminds us every year why we only do it once a year. Now, yes, camping is fun. But not camping is significantly easier, cheaper, less hot and sweaty, and more well rested.

However, despite the fact that it was boiling hot, that Hattie cried almost constantly the first day and night, that to survive we had to rig our camper up with a window unit air-conditioner outside with a dryer hose running inside, and that we were serioulsy discussing getting rid of our pop-up within about two hours of arriving, we had a pretty good time.

Our home:

Hattie turned into a regular "Princess and the Pea." She required all of the blankets stacked up just so so in order to take her naps in the camper. We ended up nearly freezing the first night because Josh had the air cranked and Hattie was using all the blankets as her mattress. No one dared to wake her.

We all did some fishing and caught several. I caught both the largest fish I had ever caught (sadly, it wasn't really that large) and the smallest fish I had ever caught (about the size of my pinky.)

Edy probably had more success on her Dora the Explorer Wal-Mart fishing pole than I had using Josh's fancy fly pole. You can't really blame your equipment in that case...

First catch!

Someone suggested that we bring the Pack 'n' play along for Hattie. I wish I could remember who it was so I could thank them. Since she's at that super grabby, wiggly, half-crawling stage, it would have been really difficult to function without a good place to set her down. Edy enjoyed it too.

The chair broke. That's what they get for trying to snuggle in a camping chair.

And just because they're cute:

I wouldn't include this one, but I wanted to show that I was present on this trip.

And there you have. Don't expect any more camping pictures until next year...It's going to take us that long to work up the nerve.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Years

And what fun it's been.

Happy Anniversary, my darling.